Tashi System

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The Tashi system is five planets and four space stations that are owned exclusively by the Tashida corporation. Of the three terrestrial planets only two have been terraformed. Tashi IV and Tashi III.

Those are the official names of the Planets, but the inhabitants do not call them that. Tashi III calls itself Senboku, after a lake town in Japan. Senboku has no oceans. just large lakes, which has forced a population cap due to the speed that natural processes can handle human inhabitants without the buffer of oceans, fungi do the majority of the work to improve this but population is still closely monitored.

Senboku is agrarian, supplying packaged food products to Tashi IV (Tashia) and the space stations in the system. Most viable land is farmed on Senboku, but it also has vast tracks of native flora and fauna as well as imports from the name sake town in Japan, this makes the planet a destination for tourists, even from outside the Tashi system. The gravity on Senboku is 0.92 g, which give the effect of instant relaxation for those used to the regular 1g of space station gravity or the 1.04 g of Tashi IV (Tashia).

Tashi IV is also known as Tashia, and is the center of commerce and government in the Tashi system. It also boasts a bounty of seafood, which by law cannot leave the planet. Earth native species were introduced to the planet and there are large species which were native.

Tashia is comprised of islands spread out across vast oceans. The main city is Osaka, (which is roughly the size of modern Tokyo, just much more advanced technologically speaking.) which covers nearly an entire island on one of the equatorial island chains. The city is not stark and bare, it offers many green spaces and courtyards with trees and shrubs. There are also several Shinto shrines spread across the city honoring the spirits of this world as well as the spirits that were brought from Earth.

Shinto is widely practised especially among the upper echelons of the Tashida Corporation. Those that do not follow Shintoism are likely to be foreigners or pragmatic atheists.

Zosensho is a large ship manufacturing and fuel processing center. It makes the majority of the ships for the Tashida Corporation, though there are facilities in other systems as well. It orbits the hot giant Tashi Prime.

Hatsumie is a research center that orbits Senboku. It is home to the most brilliant minds in the Hiroku Cluster.

Karasu is a station that orbits the cold giant Tashi V. The station is most just a habitat to house surplus citizens. It is heavily armored and armed leading some to think that it serves a dual purpose, but with the size of the hab it is hard to know what actually is taking place there. The hab is a ring hab with a continuous polycarbonate arch retaining atmosphere, it is bullet proof. and only the impact of a star ship could get through it’s 6 inches of plastic.

For all the undesirable of Hikoru sector Keimusho is the most dreaded of sentences to receive during prosecution. Keimusho orbits just inside the asteroid belt and sends work parties to mine the asteroids, most times only the resources and guards return with the transports. Those that survive their internment in Keimusho are often scarred with space burn or horribly disfigured by other accidents.

Tashi System

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