Charts and Maps

Where the sector is compared to the rest of the universe or galaxy isn’t important, so I am not going to waste time placing our sector in a bigger map.

I am also not going to name every star in the sector and make a solar system for them. We will only be dealing with a few major ones anyway. Leaving these stars undefined will also leave opportunity to continue storytelling if all members wish to, or if I want to use this setting again.


To read the sector map or give coordinates you would say the number first then the letter, such as 3C (where the game is beginning). A few of the coordinates have more than one system, the system closer to the letter side (top) have an extra letter added, A, and the others continue on B, C, and D (example: System 3DA, 3DB). As I said we will be mostly using systems that are named, so after you work out where they are on the sector map you don’t really need to know their coordinate number any more.

Charts and Maps

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