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Walking the Void is a campaign is using the Stars Without Number system.  It is a retro system that is fairly easy to learn, but has a lot of depth.  If you have been playing role playing games for a long time you are likely to recognize most of the mechanics

We will be using the narrative in the book, including the scream and the consequences of it. We will be playing in an advanced sector controlled by a handful of powerful family and their corporations.  The sector is called Zorilite.

The main cultures in the Zorilite sector are Japanese, American and Indian (Hindu). The game begins in the Hikoru Cluster, which is the heart of the Japanese influence in the sector.

Each corporation controls at least two systems in the sector, they are self sufficient caring for their employees to one extent or another. On average a citizen is compensated for their service to the company, be it farming or making space ship parts.  Not everyone works for the company, some stake out on their own running restaurants, repair shops, or other such support businesses.  These businesses are by law not allowed to compete with the corporation, meaning they are limited to a single location and a cap on earnings, their excess is levied as a tax.

In general, adventurers can bid on jobs from corporations or by the upper middle class and wealthier.  The jobs might be bounties, salvage, espionage, or courier services.  Characters for the game can be anything you imagine thriving in this setting.  As you will read later it is a very diverse sector.

You will find links below about the sector and some of the notable people in the Tashi system where the story begins.  If you would like to build a homeworld for your character please send me a PM on rpgcrossing with your homeworld concept, but I will have a handful of worlds written for players to choose from and in most cases I would prefer you choose one of them.

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